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For $9/month you can expect:

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  • Reach 3X More Buyers, up to 18 Million Monthly
  • Upload up to 36 Photos
  • Help Setting the Right Price
  • Realtor Forms & Contracts
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  • No Agent? No Commission.
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Meet Amy, Managing Broker

Amy’s supremely talented Listingly Team offers On-Demand “Expert Help” for just $69/half-hour.

Do as little or as much as you want on your own, we’ll jump in whenever you need us.

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Selling isn’t hard. You just need the right tools & people to back you up. Pay only for the Expert Help you need, or want.

With over $4 Billion transacted, we’re ranked among the best in the nation!

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No nonsense, no gotchas, no hidden
anything, ever. It’s about time.

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Selling with Listingly will leave you feeling good, and with more money in your pocket - $21,860 on average.

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It was important to me that we remade real estate with simplicity, transparency & genuine human goodness.

Michael Talkow, Esq.,
Co-Founder and CEO of Listingly

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Terms and conditions apply, see Listing Agreement for complete details. The savings listed are only an estimate, and assume there is no cooperating real estate broker, buyer agent, or other real estate licensee representing the Buyer. Savings vary by market and are based on a 6% commission. Actual savings may vary. Florida Regulatory Compliance fees may apply.