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Amy’s supremely talented Listingly Team offers a selection of optional services, including On-Demand “Expert Help” from just $69

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In an era of online everything, Listingly lets you sell like a pro, for just $9/month.

With over $4.2 Billion Sold, our Expert Team is now beating goliaths like Coldwell Banker at their own game.

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No nonsense, no gotchas, no hidden
anything, ever. It’s about time.

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Selling with Listingly will leave you feeling good and with more money in your pocket - $18,960 on average!

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It was important to me that we remade real estate with simplicity, transparency & genuine human goodness.

Michael Talkow, Esq.,
Co-Founder and CEO of Listingly

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Terms and conditions apply, see Sign Up Terms for complete details. Virtual Tour not available on all MLS’s. Shipping not included. Sales figures include commerical, institutional & residential development project sales and/or transaction representation by our experts through Listingly or other entites. The products & services advertised are subject to change without notice.The savings listed are only an estimate, and assume there is no cooperating broker working with or representing Buyer. Savings vary by market and are based on a 6% commission. Actual savings may vary. No Setup or Cancellation fees, ever!