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Listingly does everything Realtors do, but better, at a fraction of the cost. Voted #1 Virtual Realtor Service 3-Years in a Row!

Your Home Listed on the Realtor's MLS 100% Free!
National Web Visibility
Exposure up to 150 Million Visitors on 100's of Top Sites
Your Home on, Zillow, Trulia & More
Your Home on RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker & More
Prospective Buyers Routed Directly to You
Easy-to-Use Online Listingly Dashboard
Complete Control of the Sale of Your Home
Specify Any Buyer’s Agent Commission
Upload Maximum MLS Photos & Virtual Tour
For Sale & Open House Signs
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Printable Property Brochures
A Library of Realtor Forms & Contracts
Customer Support 6 Days/Week
Pay Nothing Until Closing
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Virtual Realtors

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Zero Upfront Costs

It’s always Free to List with Listingly!

Meet Amy, she built Listingly to help you sell on your own & save a bundle.

When your home sells, we earn a Flat-Fee $99 Commission.*

Amy’s Award-Winning Team of local market experts have helped sell, manage or build over 87,000 homes.

It’s your money. Keep more of it.

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Talk to Buyers Directly

Listingly Connects Buyers & Sellers together for simplicity & transparency.

So, you’ll talk to Buyers (or their agents) directly & receive offers through your Listingly Dashboard.

No sneaky contracts, no tricky fine print.

It couldn’t be easier.

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Donna & Bob – Jupiter, FL

Saved $24,995.00

“We genuinely can’t believe how much we saved. Thank you so much! So happy we switched to Listingly”

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Listingly Saves Sellers $18,680 on Average

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Hello! Let’s Talk

In an era of online everything, Listingly lets you list your home on the Realtors MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Coldwell Banker & 100’s more, 100% free!

About time isn’t it?

Call, email or chat if you ever need help (or a pep talk), Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, and Sat 10am-12pm.

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It was important to me that we remade real estate with simplicity, transparency & genuine human goodness.

Michael Talkow, Esq.,
Co-Founder and CEO of Listingly

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Giving Back to
Habit for Humanity

Starting May 2022, Listingly pledged to support Habitat for Humanity for the next year.

For every home we sell, we’ll donate 2% of our annual profits to Habitat for Humanity to build a new home for a family in need, with a total donation cap of $1 Million Dollars.

Together we can make a big difference! So, join us.

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*Refer to our Sign Up Terms for full terms & conditions. Our Flat-Fee $99 Listingly Commission is contingent upon sale of your property and billed for Virtual Realtor Services. Listingly remakes real estate with simplicity, transparency & genuine human goodness at a fraction of the going price by automating many of the costly duties Realtors maintain from the pre-internet era. We pass these cost savings on to you.To maintain these cost savings, all closing/title agents providing closing services with respect to the sale of your Property must be fully digitally connected, in real time, with Listingly’s document management systems, or additional fees may apply. Keep in mind, other fees such as Listingly Yard Signs, Extras & Optional Add-Ons, Buyer’s Agent Commissions, Cancellation, and Consumer Protection Document Storage costs, if applicable, are additional and may not be contingent on sale of your property. Sales include commercial development, transaction & advisory services by our team through Listingly or other entities. Savings listed are only an estimate, assume no cooperating agent and are based on a 6% commission. Savings vary by market; actual savings may vary. Some MLS’s restrict minimum commissions. Listingly provides self-help services at your specific direction. We are not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney who represents you. We do not provide any kind of legal advice, explanation, or advise as to possible legal rights, remedies, defenses or strategies.