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Buy with Listingly
Get up to 3% Back

How it works

Join the “Get-Back” Movement.
Buy with Listingly - get up to 3% Cash-Back!
Around $12,860 on average!

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Find your dream home

You do the initial legwork of identifying the home you want, which most buyers do today anyway.

To help, we’ll send you Instant Listing Alerts so you can see new listings first and stay ahead of other buyers.

Start by Signing Up for our Buyer Program.

*Terms & conditions apply.

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Listingly handles it all

You’ll work with Listingly’s Expert Team to place the smartest offer. Then, we’ll take you from Contract to Closing.

Listingly gives you the biggest refund anywhere!

*Terms & conditions apply.

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What’s better than cash back

As your agent, the Seller will pay us a commission, typically around 3% of the Purchase Price - $12,860 on average.

Instead of pocketing all that sweet cash, we pass it on to you, as a tax-free Cash-Back Refund, minus our commission of just 1% of the Purchase Price.

If you don’t close, Listingly costs you $0, zero, zip, zilch.

*Terms & conditions apply.

Terms and conditions apply, see Sign Up Terms for complete details. MLS Virtual Tour not available on all MLS’s. Sales figures include commercial, institutional and/or residential development project sales, transaction representation and/or advisory services by our experts through Listingly, other entities, or otherwise. Shipping of Listingly “For Sale” signs, and Extras & Optional Upgrades not included in our $9/month service. Savings listed are only an estimate, and assume no cooperating broker working with, or representing buyer. Savings vary by market and are based on a 6% commission. Actual savings may vary.