A day in your life next week. A short story.

A tear trickles down your face as you remember your life before Listingly. Was it only last week? The struggle, the hardship and the chaos. That terrifying moment two weeks ago on the john when you realized you were out of toilet paper! Never again.

You're at your desk at the end of the day, and you've tidied up your To Do list, and added some items dating them for tomorrow. You're thinking of buying yourself something, so you add it to your WishList, and have a look at the shopping comparision information that Listingly provides. Wow, you think. I should share this list with my friends so they know what to buy me for my birthday!

This morning, anticipating a trip to the grocery store, you pulled up the Grocery list history on your iPhone in the kitchen, and used it as a memory jogger, adding things back to the current list as needed.

At the Grocery Store you view the the list, and find that someone else at home has added a couple of items this afternoon. No problemo. You smile thinking about how they'll tell you tonight that they did it on their crummy old phone.. "Who needs an iPhone", they'll tease.

Listingly has grouped things by department, so you quickly get the job done. The store is out of the detergent you want - never mind, you can get it next time - it will still be right there on the list.

Life is good.

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