Listingly Adds Due date to enhance To Do Lists, the popular iPhone friendly List Making website announces a new feature designed to help iPhone users make the most of their new hardware. Adding to it’s generic list making capacity, Listingly users can now assign "Due Dates" to To Do list items allowing Listingly to prioritize chronologically, and alert users of events that are late or urgent.

At it’s core, Listingly is a sophisticated list maker that allows users to create lists which can be kept private, or shared for collaboration. The same lists can be managed at the desk or the iPhone and basic support for other mobile phones is also available.

Different types of lists have different features. As well as free style / generic lists, users can enjoy intelligent auto-suggestion in Grocery Lists that group items by department, and now the new date prioritized To Do lists.

Upon login, Listingly now highlights To Do items that are late, or coming due.

Although originally launched in early 2007 as a free service for general mobile users, Listingly has become much more iPhonecentric with three major upgrades since the iPhone launch June 29th.


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iPod Touch now supported


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Remember Me Option


On phone logins the temperamental BOOKMARK page has been replaced with a "Remember Me" checkbox at Login.



OK iPhone people.. your wish is my command. The iPhone application now contains 90% of the main admins features.

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